2020 Campaign Announcement

I'm pleased to announce that I will be running again for state representative in the 141st district, Darien, Norwalk and Rowayton. I am truly honored to have served you these past years and look again to bring my legislative experience in Hartford to bear on solving the challenges we now all face right here.

We live in very different and challenging times. Many of us have adapted with a compassionate understanding of the many complexities brought on by the coronavirus.  While witnessing such widespread negative impact, I see positives, as well, with our citizens genuinely working together like I’ve not seen in many years. Collaboratively, we seek common sense solutions that allow us to return to a more normalized life for ourselves, and our families.

I believe it is essential that we work together to find our best way forward.  These are some of the key priorities I plan to focus on for my campaign and in my next term as your state representative.

1. Continue to evaluate and pragmatically address the historic health challenges that have impacted all of us. We must remain vigilant against coronavirus infection, and make personal decisions based on facts.  We need to take care of our most vulnerable while still taking care of citizens with other health concerns.

2. Ensure state funding addresses our dynamic education needs as we move forward. We must respond to the impact of school shutdowns.

3. Reopen our state and local economies. We must place great emphasis on recovery for local merchants and our small businesses.

4. Set our state on a path of sustained fiscal prudence. Now is the time we must re-evaluate state budget priories given the historic impact of coronavirus.

We can accomplish all of the above and more by working together…because working together works!

As we begin this campaign, here is my promise to you…to listen to you…to create common sense policy…and work together to keep our community safe, healthy, well-educated, and prosperous. Thank you for your trust in me, and I hope, again, to earn your trust and your vote on November 3rd.

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