Letter: Darien should support Terrie Wood for re-election

“Again, we get bad news for Connecticut. Thanks to the irresponsibility of the Democratic leadership in Hartford, two ratings agencies downgraded Connecticut. Add that to the constant stream of bad fiscal news like massive budget deficits and huge unfunded pension liabilities. The Democrats’ track record is simply abysmal. It is critical that the voters of this state change the dynamic in Hartford. We must put responsible people in office, not the crowd that has led this state down the tubes for the past six years.

Their record: zero GDP growth in the state; a pay-to-play ethic; major corporations exiting the state; the list goes on and on. Thankfully, in Darien, we can point with pride to the efforts Terrie Wood has made to properly move this state forward. She has represented conservative fiscal principles while also supporting the correct balance of social services. We should be very proud of her effort. And we need to ensure she stays in office, bringing the right kind of leadership to Hartford. Be sure to support Terrie as she runs for re-election.”

Lisa and Tom Joyce
142 Goodwives River Rd

This letter also appeared in the Darien Times on May 29, 2016

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