Letter: Stuck in traffic? Terrie Wood helps fight Connecticut’s one-party rule

“I just bought a car that got me thinking about driving in this area of Connecticut.

Getting around can be frustrating…congestion is overwhelming at times…noise and pollution aside.  Costs on Metro-North are going up.  There’s talk of tolls in Hartford.  While some recent progress has been made on the Merritt and I-95, just try to get anywhere during rush hour.  Forget it!  I’m retired now, but “God bless” those commuters who struggle with stop ‘n go traffic every single day!

What’s the Problem?

Darien and Rowayton are the “neck of a bottle” leading from NY to New England.  I-95, the Merritt and Metro-North all pass through a 2-mile wide swath of beautiful Connecticut landscape.  For us residents, the congestion is frustrating, but there are other consequences, as well…millions of wasted hours sitting in traffic, new businesses that avoid moving to this area, lost wages, and stress on property values.

What’s the Real Problem?

One-Party rule.  The Democratic majority in Hartford, led by Gov. Dan Malloy and both houses of the state legislature, keep spending our tax dollars recklessly.  Long-term transportation infrastructure projects are stalled because of Hartford’s on-going deficit crisis.  To fix our transportation challenges here in Rowayton and Darien, we need to fix our budget in Hartford and end the Democrats One-Party Rule.

Our representative, Terrie Wood, cares deeply about our transportation needs and has consistently taken a common sense, fiscally conservative stand against the one-party rule in Hartford.

So, the next time you’re stuck in I-95 traffic or mired on the Merritt, think of the real problem.  I’m supporting Terrie Wood for State Representative in November.”

Robert “Spike” Reed

This letter also appeared in the Darien Times on September 15, 2016

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