Letter: Trust the Republican, Wood, to Improve Connecticut, Not the Democrat, Klein

“Many of Darien’s taxpayers know that in the years of my serving on the Darien Board of Finance, I repeatedly warned the town’s citizens that the time would come when the financial situation in Hartford was so abysmal that Darien would have to go it alone when it came to receiving any state grants or cost-sharing. These forecasts are sadly becoming true as the state of Connecticut faces current deficits nearing a billion dollars.

It is therefore critical to elect smart representatives to our state legislature who understand the current financial crisis and who will work to fix it. To do this, we need to end the one-party rule in Hartford. No one has been a more forceful advocate for Darien in Hartford than Terrie Wood. Terrie has worked hard to understand all the issue facing the state and she has forged alliances with the right people ready to take on the challenge of fixing the state’s fiscal crisis.

Terrie’s opponent, Randy Klein makes broad statements about working in Hartford for Darien’s educational system. This makes absolutely no sense as Darien funds its own schools locally, and we shouldn’t expect and won’t get any “help” from a broke Hartford anyway! Given the refusal by Evonne Klein (former first selectwoman and Mrs. Randy Klein) to support even modest changes to 8-30G, we can already catch a glimpse of what happens when someone from Darien who should understand Darien’s issues goes to Hartford on the Democrat team.

Please urge your friends and relatives to vote “Republican” at the state and local level. Start by pulling the lever for the person who has proven herself a smart, ethical and hard-working leader for Darien.

Join me in supporting Terrie Wood!”

Liz Smith Mao
37 Holly Lane

Former Chair, Darien Board of Finance

This letter also appeared on Darienite.com September 20, 2016

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