Letters: Many more endorsements of Terrie Wood

Tough issues require collaborative, common-sense approach

“Terrie Wood embodies the principle of rolling up your sleeves, putting the time in and doing the right thing when tackling the tough issues that are important to the health and economic well-being of our community.”  — Debbie Parnon, Darien

Darien needs more state reps like Terrie Wood

“I am writing to express my support for Terrie Wood [whose] experience is invaluable. I have seen the passionate commitment she delivers to representing our interests in Hartford. We need to return Terrie to Hartford where she can help steer our state government in the right direction. My only regret is that our state doesn’t have more folks in Hartford like Terrie.”
— Cathleen Stack, Darien

Wood shows leadership through listening

“Having known Terrie for 25 years, I have always been impressed with how committed, involved and effective she has been in working on important issues for us all. But seeing Terrie in action in Hartford raised my support to a whole new level. Terrie [is] informed, thoughtful and proactive [and] on target. Let’s send Terrie Wood back to Hartford to continue her excellent record on our behalf.” — Lois Schneider, Former chairman of the RTM’s Education Committee

Terrie Wood’s ‘F’ is Aces

“In an era of compromised candidates who try to please as many disparate groups as possible during the primaries (and then hilariously attempt to pivot back to some kind of reason), Terrie keeps to her core beliefs, her unflappable decency, and a reasoned approach to tackling the issues facing her constituents.  We are better off—and safer—because she represents us.”
— Philip Van Munching

Darien Needs Wood and Ehlers

“Connecticut is in dire financial condition. Terrie Wood, current State representative, and Greg Ehlers, candidate for State Senate, fully understand the seriousness of the problems facing the state, and have specific policy proposals to get the state back on track.” — Bill Nightingale Sr.

Wood: Socially responsible and fiscally conservative

“Terrie Wood is an engaged and gracious leader [with] a strong record of advancing policy in public health and public safety and understands fiscal prudence. Re-election of Terrie will offer an accessible style of leadership because she listens to the concerns of our community.  Representing us, she will continue a clear, bi-partisan, solution-oriented approach.” — Leslie McCarthy, Darien

Darien doesn’t need two Kleins in Hartford

“Election day is around the corner. Big questions nationally, perhaps, but locally, the path is quite clear. We need to re-elect Terrie Wood as our state representative. Please do not make the mistake of voting for her Democratic rival. The last thing Darien needs is two Kleins wreaking havoc in Hartford. Not to mention that, other than looking out for his fellow Democrats as DTC chair, Mr Klein has been invisible in this town. He has never participated in any element of our town’s government. So why embrace him now? Only one true choice—vote for Terrie Wood!” — Tom Joyce

Wood is an advocate for mental health and substance abuse issues

“As the former head of Emergency Medical Services for the Town of Darien, I had the pleasure to work with Terrie Wood on a number of occasions. Terrie has long shown incredible passion for issues regarding mental health and substance abuse. She has identified opioid addiction as a major problem both nationally as well as here in Darien and has fought for solutions. I know Terrie will continue to push for action and will not settle for mediocrity there or anywhere else her instincts take her.” — Ron Hammer, Former director of Darien EMS Post 53

Send the best candidates to Hartford

“I have known Terrie Wood for many years and continue to be impressed by her knowledge of and passion for the issues important to Darien residents. I first got to know Terrie when she ran the Yes DHS! campaign to ensure that a new high school was built.  In this very important election year, it is critical that we send representatives to Hartford who will not only represent the needs of Darien residents, but will also help to turn around Connecticut’s financial crisis. Please join me and vote for Terrie Wood and Greg Ehlers on Nov. 8.” — Mary Forman Flynn, Darien

Seeking a return to the common good with Wood

“Instead of looking forward to the celebration of democracy, most of us are hoping that we may be at the end of  this seemingly endless time of derision and divisiveness.  In days ahead, we need to elect political representatives that will restore our trust in their profession, and are truly committed to the re-establishing the common good.   We believe Terrie Wood is such a person.” — Peter and Kathy Eder, Darien

Confident in Terrie Wood as state representative

“I have worked with Terrie Wood for the past 15 years on various town committees, and as a long-time active AEMT at Darien Post 53. Terrie is now taking on the very real opioid/heroin epidemic that threatens to darken our town and Connecticut. [She] understands the importance of addressing mental health and addiction [and is] championing the vital public health initiative with the same determination and knowledge to help curb this insidious plague that threatens the lives of our town’s citizens, especially our younger population. I respect and trust her abilities wholeheartedly and support Terrie Wood for the office of state representative.” — Claudia Newton, Darien

Darien needs advocates in Hartford like Wood and Ehlers

“As the parent of two kids in the Darien school system, I am concerned about the level of funding for our schools. We need people who will protect our kids and protect our wallet. We need advocates for us in Hartford. Greg and Terrie ARE those advocates!” —Kari Cardone, 17 Park Lane

Another “Terrie-crat” crosses the aisle to endorse Wood

“I have had the pleasure of being Terrie Wood’s neighbor for 20 years. The attributes she brings: an excellent listener; respectful of differences of opinion; does her homework. And she works really really hard. Darien is exceptionally fortunate to have Terrie Wood as our representative – and you can count me among the Darien Democrats who are proud to be ‘Terrie-crats’!” — Amy Cammann Cholnoky, 41 St. Nicholas Road


These letters appeared in the Darien Times on October 28, 2016

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