​I hear you. We’ve had enough of the Democrats’ budget mess.​


Terrie Wood: "I hear you!"In my campaign travels throughout the district, whether knocking doors, meeting local merchants, campaigning at the dump, visiting the library, or doing errands around town…the refrain is similar from all the folks with whom I’ve spoken. They all want to know, “what is happening with our great state; why are times so fiscally challenging; and, can we turn it around?”  Yes, I do believe quite fiercely that we can turn it around. It is critical, however, we forge a new path to address our fiscal challenges.


Democrats, who have been the Majority in both the House and Senate Chambers, and who hold the governor’s office, have voted to increase taxes twice, in 2011 and 2015, to record levels. Yet, these two largest tax increases in our state’s history have not solved our fiscal challenges.  In fact, they’ve only exacerbated them. It’s sad that these tax increases have driven many good people and businesses (GE among them) right out of our state. The result…falling revenues that have forced cuts in much-needed social services, education, transportation, and municipal aid hurting so many people in our state.


Here’s just the latest example. The Department of Transportation formally announced a fare hike of 6% for Metro-North riders effective December 1st. This fare hike is a direct result of the cut to the DOT budget by the legislative Democrats this past session. There were other items in the budget they could have cut, sparing folks another increased cost for our state.


Republicans (who are fiscally conservative and socially responsible in our state) have offered fiscally sound solutions that would address our mounting challenges, while still providing necessary services without raising taxes. (Review this intelligent plan yourself at fiveyearbudget.com.) Despite the wisdom within this good plan…that was met with support from many editorial boards throughout the state…the Democrats and their one-party rule excluded Republicans from serious budget conversation.


We must solve our overwhelming fiscal challenges with common sense and bipartisanship.


Together, we can and we will. Please keep in touch.

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