Call to Fill the Secretary of the State Vacancy

I released the following statement this morning in response to Denise Merrill’s recent resignation from her role as Connecticut Secretary of the State:

(Darien, CT) – Republican Candidate for Secretary of the State Terrie Wood (Republican State Representative – 141) issued the following statement urging Governor Ned Lamont fill the vacancy at the Secretary of the State’s Office with a qualified and well-respected individual in light of current Secretary of the State Denise Merrill‘s resignation.

“It is deeply important that Governor Lamont fill the vacancy in Secretary of the State with a well-respected and trusted public servant. I recommend he look to fill the position with someone of the caliber of former Chief Justice Chase Rogers, former State Senator John McKinney, or former Senator Paul Doyle. These public officials are all tremendously qualified and have deep respect throughout our state. They are not marred by scandal from the Port Authority and have the skill set to be successful in this interim time.”

This interim leader has a lot of work to do to prepare for the August 9th primary and the November 8th general election, as the current administration has dropped the ball on providing the public information, preparing for turnout, or helping the Registrars and Town Clerks. Governor Lamont must appoint someone who works well under pressure and has the respect of both sides of the aisle. 

I hope the Governor will do the right thing to restore public faith in this role and not appoint a non-elected political operative.”

In the meantime, we send wishes for healing for the Merrill family at this difficult time. And thank Secretary Merrill for her many years of dedication to public service.