Priorities as your Secretary of the State...

1. Empower all citizens eligible to vote to have the ability to vote! Usher in The Re-birth of Democracy in the Constitution State! The franchise is sacred.

2. Ensure confidence, reliability and security in our federal, state and local elections.

3. Modernize election systems with respect to best practices. Bring Connecticut’selections into the 21st century. It’s about time.

4. Simplify business filing procedures and reduce fees. Set the stage for a pro-business friendly state and a stronger and more vibrant Connecticut economy.

5. Communicate clearly, consistently and speedily all election and business processes. Collaborate closely with town clerks and town registrars of voters.

Why Terrie?

Steady Leadership

  • House Republican Caucus Policy Chair
  • Ranking member on Human Services Committee
  • Member Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee
  • Co-Chair of the Mental Health Working Group of the Gun Violence and School Security Bill
  • Co-chair of the MORE Commission on Special Education Working Group

Hands-On Experience

  • Finance – introduced bills to reduce probate court fees and sought to increase estate tax threshold to $5mm
  • Education – co-sponsored bill to establish additional requirements for teachers to educate students with dyslexia
  • Environment – co-sponsored a resolution proposing a state constitutional amendment to protect public open space
  • Public Health – co-sponsored opioid legislation that sets limits for prescription pain killers
  • Private Sector – Leadership roles in non-profit organizations

Terrie Wood

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