Transform fiscal policy in Hartford to reduce our record deficit through long-term structural budget change

The solution to our deficit challenges is not difficult. We simply need to take heed of the dynamics that continue crushing our state finances. Times have changed. We need policies that will propel the state economy forward and retain its citizens, i.e. no more tax rate increases.  Our proposed solutions include privatizing some state services, such as the DMV, and moving all new state hires from defined benefit to defined contribution 401(k) plans.  Our state employee union leaders would be well served to agree to open up the contracts and modify benefits to more closely mirror other states and the private sector.

Enact common-sense solutions for you, your families, and our communities in education, healthcare, environment, public safety, and transportation

We do need bills such as, “An Act Concerning Opioids and Access to Overdose Reversal Drugs” (PA 16-43) that help address this crisis in death from overdoses of opiates or heroin.

We do not need bills such as “An Act Creating the Connecticut Retirement Security Program” (PA 16-29) that create a new state entity to administer retirement account programs for private sector employers (with five or more employees) who do not offer their own retirement plans.  Individuals already have access to well-regulated financial institutions offering these retirement savings programs.

We do not need a Connecticut Mileage Tax, a policy being re-considered by Democrats to tax each driver in our state on the number of miles driven each year.

Restore Connecticut’s heritage as a vibrant, business-friendly, job-producing state

Connecticut has one of the highest tax rates on retirement incomes and businesses. This is a truth that the Democrats in leadership fail to acknowledge. We must set more predictability and fairness in tax policy for employers and families.

 Challenge the status quo through a balanced, bi-partisan debate

I strongly believe with both parties at the table, negotiating in good faith, we will return to the prosperous Connecticut of not long ago.

Why Terrie?

Steady Leadership

  • Ranking member on Human Services Committee
  • Member Finance, Revenue & Bonding Committee
  • Co-Chair of the Mental Health Working Group of the Gun Violence and School Security Bill
  • Co-chair of the MORE Commission on Special Education Working Group

Hands-On Experience

  • Finance – introduced bills to reduce probate court fees and sought to increase estate tax threshold to $5mm
  • Education – co-sponsored bill to establish additional requirements for teachers to educate students with dyslexia
  • Environment – co-sponsored a resolution proposing a state constitutional amendment to protect public open space
  • Public Health – co-sponsored opioid legislation that sets limits for prescription pain killers
  • Private Sector – Leadership roles in non-profit organizations

Voice For All The People

“Irresponsible spending by the Democratic majority has hurt everyone I represent through unnecessary cutbacks in funding for much needed social services, education and municipal aid. This must stop!”

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