2020: A Time for Opportunity

We’re on to another new year with many opportunities to create a new path of growth and prosperity for our dear state of Connecticut. The legislative short session begins on Wednesday, February 5th and finishes on Wednesday, May 6th. As we head to Hartford, here are some things that are at the forefront of my…

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Prioritize Progress: A Plan to Fully Fund the STF

As it stands now, a major roadblock to Connecticut’s economic recovery remains the issue of transportation funding and how we prioritize spending. Every state relies on its transportation network to support economic development and maximize quality of life. Transportation has been ignored for far too long here in Connecticut. Funding has been unpredictable and unreliable.  It has long…

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​I hear you. We’ve had enough of the Democrats’ budget mess.​

Terrie Wood: "I hear you!"

  In my campaign travels throughout the district, whether knocking doors, meeting local merchants, campaigning at the dump, visiting the library, or doing errands around town…the refrain is similar from all the folks with whom I’ve spoken. They all want to know, “what is happening with our great state; why are times so fiscally challenging; and,…

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CT’s Transportation and Budget Crisis…Truths and Untruths

In reading a story recently in The Hour titled “Battle Shaping Up Over Fare Hikes” written by Bill Cummings, I found myself just shaking my head at statements from Senator Bob Duff.  (Sen. Duff represents most of Darien and all of Norwalk.)  Some facts need to be laid out, and misleading/incorrect statements need to be…

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