Connecticut Election Proposals Currently Under Consideration

onnecticut Election Proposals Currently Under Consideration

Most of us agree that voting must be accessible, simple and secure for all citizens eligible to vote.

With those thoughts in mind, here are three election proposals being considered by the legislature’s Government Administration and Elections Committee that merit your time to understand.

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Understanding Early Voting in Connecticut

During this legislative session, I am honored to be reporting on Election Law and Voting proposals as a Yankee Fellow for the Yankee Institute. I’ve long been an admirer of the Yankee Institute and their support for a bottom up government; a government that governs best is one that listens, is transparent and accountable to the people…

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Reflections on Fourteen Years in Hartford

It’s been a joy beyond words to serve as state representative for Norwalk and Darien since 2009.  An extraordinary life experience and one I wouldn’t have missed, despite some initial trepidations. Making An Impact I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work together with so many good people across our state who were committed to…

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Intentional Misdirection

Despite having served as state representative for close to 14 years, I’m disappointed that Democrats continually look to create hysteria through false narratives in order to distract citizens of our state from key issues. Democrats have had total domination in the legislature for 40-plus years and near total domination in the governor’s office in that…

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Thank you for your support

While last night was not the result we hoped for, our campaign is thankful to the many supporters for our shared vision for the Secretary of the State’s office. Our message of mandatory voter ID, increased communication with our election officials and citizens, along with cutting red tape for small business resonated with so many!…

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