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Moving forward with momentum

May 14, 2022

I am deeply energized that we gathered great support in a short period of time from a broad group of people across our state. I am very much looking forward to continuing the conversation and winning the primary on August 9th. I hear your continued frustration with the Secretary of the State’s office. I just…

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Dear Convention Delegate

May 5, 2022

In advance of the Connecticut Republican State Convention, I wanted to personally reach out to you and outline my plan to fortify our elections and strengthen our businesses.

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Rep. Terrie Wood’s 100 Day Plan to Secure Connecticut

May 4, 2022

Here is my plan for Connecticut when I become the Secretary of the State. 

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Bradley Voter Fraud

May 3, 2022

Check out this testimony from Senator Bradley’s experience with possible voter fraud in his district. 

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A step toward securing our elections

May 2, 2022

Our state’s voting machines need to be replaced! It’s going to be up to our next Secretary of the State to choose our voting machines – a job that isn’t suited for everyone. The current optical scanners are 15 years old and were only manufactured to last 5-7 years. The lack of care and respect…

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How to make Connecticut more business friendly

May 2, 2022

In the race for Secretary of the State, we’ve been talking a lot about voting issues, but the Secretary of the State is also the chief administrative officer for businesses in our state. When the Secretary of the State sent out business registration filing reminders last month, the system crashed. THIS SHOULDN’T HAPPEN Each year,…

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This is what I’m most focused on

April 29, 2022

I was asked last night what my priorities are for Connecticut as Secretary of the State.

In addition to working with the legislature to pass voter ID and work to make our business administration more modern, streamlined, and effective, we MUST Clean our Voter Rolls.

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Hear my thoughts on Voter ID

April 14, 2022

The most important thing our next Secretary of the State can do is secure our elections. We will secure our elections through instituting voter ID and cleaning our voter rolls. You will hear a lot of empty promises about instituting these changes from my competitors, but the truth is, Voter ID has to be passed…

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I’m Running!

March 7, 2022

After seven terms serving as state representative for Norwalk and Darien, I’m deeply enthused to be shifting my energy and focus to a state-wide race for Secretary of the State. Serving as a state representative for Norwalk and Darien over the last thirteen years has been an extraordinary experience. To have been able to participate in…

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Where We Are and Looking Forward

December 17, 2021

With a few weeks left in the year, this is a good time to provide an update on two key issues — our state budget and the redistricting plan taking effect next fall for the 2022 elections. It is important information to know and understand some basics. I’ll also offer closing thoughts as we look…

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