Letters: Many more endorsements of Terrie Wood

Tough issues require collaborative, common-sense approach “Terrie Wood embodies the principle of rolling up your sleeves, putting the time in and doing the right thing when tackling the tough issues that are important to the health and economic well-being of our community.”  — Debbie Parnon, Darien Darien needs more state reps like Terrie Wood “I am…

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Letters: Wood best advocate for education, jobs, business

Terrie Wood is strong advocate to fight for local control of our schools “I know from personal experience that the last thing Darien’s schools need is more “big government” interference from Hartford.  It’s a fundamental philosophical difference between the top-down “we know best” approach promoted by the Democrats who control our state government versus a grassroots…

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Letters: Wood has Independent support; fights budget reform and fiscal issues

Wood works well with Republicans and Democrats, has Independent support “Unlike most Republicans in Washington who do the bidding of major corporations [. . .] she works well with Republicans and Democrats alike, Terrie has a clear-eyed focus. As an Independent, I am proud to support her re-election effort.”  —Joe Pankowski, Darien Times, Oct. 7, 2016…

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Letter: Terrie Wood seeks bipartisan solutions to problems

“President John F. Kennedy once said, “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.” Terrie Wood does just this. Unlike most Republicans in Washington who do the bidding of major corporations or most Democrats in Hartford whose ties to state unions have created a fiscal mess, Terrie has…

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Letters: Terrie Wood, rare example, knows special education, uses common sense

Terrie Wood has my vote “We have a rare example in Terrie of what an elected official should be and can be. Terrie faces the very real issues in our state with thoughtfulness, open-mindedness and intelligence.” —Joan Kiplinger, Darien Times, Oct. 2, 2016 Wood’s voice is consistent and understanding on special education “More than ever…

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