Dear Convention Delegate

Dear Delegate,

In advance of the Connecticut Republican State Convention, I wanted to personally reach out to you and outline my plan to fortify our elections and strengthen our businesses.

I’ve enjoyed the conversation with many delegates from across our great state. Their major concern regarding the Secretary of the State’s Office is it has become an arm of the Democratic Party. Programs have been implemented that create a lack of confidence and security in our elections. Additionally, our businesses struggle under the weight of pointless red tape.

As the only candidate to have held public office, I bring relevant experience, knowledge, and electability to be a productive/successful Secretary of the State.

It’s never been more clear – our election procedures need to be strengthened. We will start with passing voter ID, cleaning our voter rolls and prohibiting mass mailing of absentee ballot applications. Working with our registrars, we will assist them in their yearly canvasses; we want to empower them to continue their work and ensure that the process is transparent.

Concurrently, in January 2023, my office will deliver an extensive election reform package to the legislature. This will include a mandatory Voter ID requirement – if you need a photo ID to buy NyQuil, get on an airplane, receive SNAP benefits or go to the doctor, there is no reason picture ID shouldn’t be mandatory to vote.

On the business side, as your Secretary of the State, I will make it easier and less expensive for our state’s economic engine to function. State systems should not crash when emails are sent and state websites should be more user friendly. We need to lessen the financial burdens and look at ways to make it easier to own a business in Connecticut.

For the first time in a long time, we have a strong ticket from top to bottom. I ask for your vote this weekend as I am the strongest candidate to not just win this office, but also accomplish our goals as conservatives.

I’m encouraged by speaking with all of you and hope you will stop by and say hello at my table as you enter the Convention at Foxwoods this weekend.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to call my cell phone 203-962-2750. Looking forward to us all working together for a victory this November!


Terrie Wood
State Representative (141st District) Candidate for Secretary of the State