Connecticut Needs Free, Fair, and Transparent Elections

With the transition of a new interim Secretary of the State, I’ve been reminded of a void in leadership at the Secretary of the State’s Office recently. In the 2018 election, voters from two separate precincts in Stratford were given the wrong ballot and a candidate lost by only a handful of votes.

This isn’t right.

Instead of being a leader and making her position clear, and putting the voices of the voters first, she stood by and let her party dictate how this situation was going to be resolved. A non-partisan election procedure became one of the most politicized and non-transparent in our state’s history.

State Senator Dennis Bradley spoke about election irregularities in 2020 on the Senate floor during a speech and the Secretary of the State ignored it.

This isn’t right.

These dysfunctional precedents need a promise to the public to never occur again.

Then Governor Ned Lamont announced last week he was eliminating the supervised balloting in Nursing Homes due to “public health” concerns. This opens the door for a sort of elder abuse and a potential abuse in balloting. The current Secretary of the State is providing no leadership against this, no alternative to the Governor’s plan.

This isn’t right.

I vow to always ensure your voice is heard and your vote is counted as Secretary of the State. There is nothing more sacred than maintaining the foundation on which our country was founded. There’s nothing more important than protecting your right to vote.

I will always stand up to flawed policies that put your vote in jeopardy. I will always fight to ensure free, fair, and transparent elections.

The Republican Primary is Tuesday, August 9th, with polls open from 6am – 8pm. 

We need your help now, more than ever! We need our message to be amplified!

I am voting Terrie Wood