How to make Connecticut more business friendly

In the race for Secretary of the State, we’ve been talking a lot about voting issues, but the Secretary of the State is also the chief administrative officer for businesses in our state.

  • When the Secretary of the State sent out business registration filing reminders last month, the system crashed. THIS SHOULDN’T HAPPEN
  • Each year, businesses are required to file their contact information with the Secretary of the State and pay to do so. THIS SHOULDN’T HAPPEN
  • The Secretary of the State’s Office is currently run by anti-business bureaucrats. TTHIS SHOULDN’T HAPPEN

We must send someone to this office with common sense and a proven track record and strong administrative background.

If businesses create tax revenue for our state – they shouldn’t have to cut through all this administrative red tape!

As one of the first orders of business, I will establish a working group comprised of representatives of the business community from a section of small, medium, and large companies to understand how the Secretary of the State can better serve them and their needs.

Our businesses are struggling and I will set the stage for a more pro-business friendly state.

I look forward to seeing you at the convention this weekend – please feel free to stop by our table and say hello!