This is what I’m most focused on

I was asked last night what my priorities are for Connecticut as Secretary of the State.

In addition to working with the legislature to pass voter ID and work to make our business administration more modern, streamlined, and effective, we MUST Clean our Voter Rolls.

It’s simple, the cleaner our rolls are, the more secure our elections will be.

We need to work with our local town clerks and registrars – they are the heart and soul of our election process and cannot be ignored or marginalized. For too long, they have been hindered in doing their jobs. The Office of Secretary of the State must assist in cleaning the rolls, not just continue to place mandates on local election officials.

Together, we will update our statewide voter database (often referred to as CVRS), make it easier to use, and ensure all election officials are trained and prepared.

This process will need a candidate with a track record of uniting and bringing people together to solve problems. This process needs a candidate with a proven record of leading, not someone who shouts from rooftops and dictates orders. And most importantly, this process needs an experienced professional.

I am the right candidate for this job and the only candidate with the relationships to pass the things to strengthen our elections that fit in line with our shared conservative values.

I look forward to continuing this conversation and I will see you at Convention on May 6-7!