Thank you for your support

While last night was not the result we hoped for, our campaign is thankful to the many supporters for our shared vision for the Secretary of the State’s office. Our message of mandatory voter ID, increased communication with our election officials and citizens, along with cutting red tape for small business resonated with so many!

I’m grateful for this experience and that our paths have crossed in an effort to promote our shared conservative values. Thank you for encouraging me, supporting me, and pushing me to always be better. It’s been a joy to meet so many good people and to see every corner of our beautiful state.

Congratulations to the Republican nominee for Secretary of the State, Dominic Rapini. Our team is fully committed to ensuring Dominic has everything he needs to defeat the Democratic candidate on November 8th.

Join me in following his FB page, voting for him in November and doing everything we can to stop one party rule and bring stronger bipartisanship to our great state.

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